Jorma’s Rhythm Tonic Tea

Let’s start with those fingers pickin’ and that smile a smilin’!

When I first met Jorma, I knew we’d get along just fine. Smile as big as the moon and a twinkle in his eye as sweet as the north star. In this 4 second clip you see it too.

Creating a blend for The Captain was a joy. He wanted something  healthy  with a rich, full bodied flavor. It had to have our signature great taste and no caffeine.

I knew immediately the base would be made with red rooibus. The tone and color and smoothness just came together.


Star Anise arrives at Herbal Sage Tea Company as a full flower ; we break the petals apart to release the amazing aroma of this herb.

Star Anise  flowers in this blend created the smooth sweet taste of licorice.

Hibiscus flowers add a bit of a twang and the cinnamon adds a grounding element to the blend. The rosemary, well… I believe  rosemary is the magic herb that keeps Jorma’s fingers pickin’ so perfectly. We know rosemary is a plant for memory and inspiration, and we “grow our own” just for his tea blend.


Herbal Sage Tea Company has been making Jorma’s Blend for well over 12 years..It is still the house favorite at The Fur Peace Ranch.

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