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Athens, Ohio

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Maureen, the TeaLady with Rosemary Gladstar at
The New England Women's Herbal Conference

Maureen Burns-Hooker at United Plant Savers nature preserve near her farm in Meigs County, Ohio.


Maureen Burns-Hooker is the owner and CEO of The Herbal Sage Tea Company. Her craft as a blender of superb teas is grounded in her studies with nationally recognized herbal authorities, including Rosemary Gladstar, Paul Strauss, James Green, Susun Weed, and Cindy Parker.

Maureen's blending philosophy takes a health based approach to tea development, creating Herbal Tea blends with specific uses; cough teas for respiratory aid; women's teas for bone health, blood building, night sweat relief, menopause and many more applications. Skillfully combining medicinal art with great taste, the Herbal Sage Tea Company has thrived and promotes over 16 Signature Blends.

The Herbal Sage Tea Company continues to expand and has created great tasting custom blends of tea for everyone from Jorma and Jack in the rock band Hot Tuna/Jefferson Airplane to medicinal tea blends for a Taiwanese pharmaceutical company. Maureen Burns' work reflects the quality and the synergy that is required to create a memorable tea.

Teaching has always been the mission of the company. Over the years, Burns-Hooker, a gifted teacher and visionary has opened many hearts to the wisdom of the plants. She has taught classes and workshops focusing on Herbal Medicine, Women's Health & Natural Healing and Business Education and Entrepreneurship. Additionally she is in demand as a speaker at numerous conferences such as Frontier Coop's Herb Fest, Judy Lewis Mountain Herb Festival and the Ohio University College of Medicine Alternative and Complementary Health.  Maureen is completing her degree in Specialized Studies focusing on Health and Healing at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and is a member of The American Herbalists Guild, Athens Conservancy, CFI and United Plant Savers.

If you would like to learn more about Maureen's class offerings please e-mail her direct at Tealady@herbalsage.com . Or call 740.594.5522.

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