Super Girl Power Tea

Blending for a 5 year old could open up a whole world of crazy tastes. Unless, that 5 year old is the daughter of Vanessa and Jorma Kaukonen. This little girl had a distinguished palate for someone so young. She knew what she wanted. Absolutely knew!

Awhile back, my friend Vanessa came to me with the request to create a custom tea for her daughter. I smiled broadly, as I knew this was going to be fun! Her daughter Israel Love ( called Izze for short) , had been enjoying teas at her parents place The Fur Peace Ranch and wanted something she could call her own.

Requirements? Caffeine free, flowers, sweet taste with no sweetener and it had to be pink when brewed…Hmmm, I can do that.

Like I said, my youngest client knew what she wanted, and I knew I could deliver. Years of custom blending lead me to a delightful organic herbal blend with Izze’s name all over it. Here’s what I created.

Full chamomile flowers harvested in their prime, rich in essential oils and flavor. Licorice root, sliced and diced to the perfect size , allowing this sweet root to settle in between the chamomile flowers. The Super Girl Power blend was topped off with delicious hibiscus flowers, adding to its unique taste and most importantly (at least to Izze), allowing the brew to steep and  create a nice pink color.

You’ve got to try Izze’s Super Girl Power Blend. This blended tea in teabags is available for a limited time. Izze is growing up and we anticipate she’ll be wanting something truly unique for her teenage years! This blend is caffeine free, and available only in collectible Super Girl Power tins.  Order yours here