Jorma’s Rhythm Tonic Tea

Let’s start with those fingers pickin’ and that smile a smilin’!

When I first met Jorma, I knew we’d get along just fine. Smile as big as the moon and a twinkle in his eye as sweet as the north star. In this 4 second clip you see it too.

Creating a blend for The Captain was a joy. He wanted something  healthy  with a rich, full bodied flavor. It had to have our signature great taste and no caffeine.

I knew immediately the base would be made with red rooibus. The tone and color and smoothness just came together.


Star Anise arrives at Herbal Sage Tea Company as a full flower ; we break the petals apart to release the amazing aroma of this herb.

Star Anise  flowers in this blend created the smooth sweet taste of licorice.

Hibiscus flowers add a bit of a twang and the cinnamon adds a grounding element to the blend. The rosemary, well… I believe  rosemary is the magic herb that keeps Jorma’s fingers pickin’ so perfectly. We know rosemary is a plant for memory and inspiration, and we “grow our own” just for his tea blend.


Herbal Sage Tea Company has been making Jorma’s Blend for well over 12 years..It is still the house favorite at The Fur Peace Ranch.

Click on the tin to order your own bit of Fur Peace Ranch magic herbal brew!

Super Girl Power Tea

Blending for a 5 year old could open up a whole world of crazy tastes. Unless, that 5 year old is the daughter of Vanessa and Jorma Kaukonen. This little girl had a distinguished palate for someone so young. She knew what she wanted. Absolutely knew!

Awhile back, my friend Vanessa came to me with the request to create a custom tea for her daughter. I smiled broadly, as I knew this was going to be fun! Her daughter Israel Love ( called Izze for short) , had been enjoying teas at her parents place The Fur Peace Ranch and wanted something she could call her own.

Requirements? Caffeine free, flowers, sweet taste with no sweetener and it had to be pink when brewed…Hmmm, I can do that.

Like I said, my youngest client knew what she wanted, and I knew I could deliver. Years of custom blending lead me to a delightful organic herbal blend with Izze’s name all over it. Here’s what I created.

Full chamomile flowers harvested in their prime, rich in essential oils and flavor. Licorice root, sliced and diced to the perfect size , allowing this sweet root to settle in between the chamomile flowers. The Super Girl Power blend was topped off with delicious hibiscus flowers, adding to its unique taste and most importantly (at least to Izze), allowing the brew to steep and  create a nice pink color.

You’ve got to try Izze’s Super Girl Power Blend. This blended tea in teabags is available for a limited time. Izze is growing up and we anticipate she’ll be wanting something truly unique for her teenage years! This blend is caffeine free, and available only in collectible Super Girl Power tins.  Order yours here

Brickwalls at The Brickhouse

Image of The Brickhouse during the Holiday Season

Its been barely a year of renovations, restoration and repair. Each week brings us closer to bringing this beautiful building back into its former glory. The inside rooms and kitchen on the first floor, used by Herbal Sage Tea Company are done. We are working towards completing our guest rooms on the 2nd floor.

Look at the picture and imagine staying in one of the two guestrooms located on the 2nd floor. (We have a personal use elevator). We are working with a local craftsman who is plastering where needed, restoring these rooms to their original quality. Working with brick and with plaster that is well over a century old can be quite delicate. Creating a balance is key.   Being the Brickhouse , the walls are 3 rows of solid brick.

Wall in the main upstairs parlor, window to its left over looks the river.
This is a south facing wall, with 2 large 7 feet tall windows. Beautiful natural light. Most of the original plaster is still good, although you can see repair work in progress

Help us Celebrate our progress, use the code word brickhouse

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Feb 1,2017.

Restoring this property gives a whole new outlook to the word handcrafted!

Creative Tea Blends for The Fur Peace Ranch

Perfect day for me is getting a call and someone asks, ” Can you make a blend just for us?” Yes, yes and yes! Creating recipes, developing great tasting blends, bringing someone’s inspiration to fruition feeds my creative Spirit. Creating blends since 1996 keeps life interesting!

I’ve worked with pharmaceutical companies, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, healers, skeptics and rock n roll stars. Developed formulas for therapeutic support, vision quests and the desire for specific tastes, aroma and color hues. I once was hired to create a herbal blend that had to taste like an old fashioned Creamsicle. I succeeded, spot on flavor, it was a real learning curve for me and the result was amazing.


Vanessa and The Tealady at The Fur Peace Ranch’s Pho Restaurant. Check out Jorma playing music for all to enjoy.

The next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you some of the blends I’ve made for my friends at The Fur Peace Ranch. Vanessa and Jorma are both creative artists and had specific ideas on what they wanted for their specific tea blends. Working closely to give them just what they hoped for has been an adventure. Time spent sharing recipes, re-working recipes and plenty of tea tasting makes for a great time together. I’ve had the opportunity to work with them on numerous teas, you’ll learn a bit more about each of them on this blog. Do you have a favorite Fur Peace Ranch Tea?


Feel free to ask me about the herbs I’ve used, or combinations that might inspire you. Might it be time for you individualized blend?



Winter and Rosemary

Rosemary harvested from the farm, waiting in the pick up to be planted indoors

It’s time to bring the rosemary plants inside. We’re feeling our first day of winter with gusts of cold air and sprinkles of snow. We have large plants this year due to healthy growth at Herbal Sage Farm. Rosemary plants that are almost bush size will soon be sharing their amazing aroma with all of us in The Herbal Sage Tea Company’s new location. A friend said today we ought to add a few ornaments and make them our Christmas Trees!


I must admit I’m not quite ready for winter. David is still adding insulation around our old 9 feet tall vintage windows and I’m finding fabric and curtains long enough to help create barriers to keep out the cold.

What’s most daunting for me right now is the plan forward. We spend most of our days and nights deep into the renovation and rehab of the historic building. I run the company during the days and we do projects in the evenings and weekends.Our main goal the last few years was to find a location, a place we could own and have room to grow in. We’ve accomplished that.

But now, it’s time to set new goals. Build a solid strategy, create measured steps, and develop the plans for our next phase. We live creatively and often with spontaneity, but I also have found that I like a path to walk on. We are building our own way here.. no path is apparent..but as I’ve learned, more will be revealed.

Each day can either be a challenge or an adventure. Two sides of the entrepreneurial coin.

I’ll let you know how the path is developing. Grab a sprig of rosemary and remember to follow your dreams..

Digging deeper into ‘The Brick’


As cool weather returns, one can regain strength that might have been zapped during a long hot summer. This summer has been filled projects necessary to get The Herbal Sage Tea offices moved and operating at 105 Butternut Avenue, and we’ve learned much more about the history of the building thanks to several very helpful relatives of prior residents of this property.

In June, we were contacted by Rodger Crowe. Rodger, former husband of Judith Weed Lindner, compiled this history of the ‘The Brick’ between 2002 and today, his account of the building history dates back to 1874, when the 105 Butternut property was listed as Missionary Baptist Church, and 1877, when a building the size and shape of the current structure appears on a map of Pomeroy. His research shows the property changing hands in October of 1900, when Mamie Smith and her husband acquired the property and eventually made it an office for The Pomeroy Democrat newspaper. Mamie O. Smith and and S.F. Smith were most likely the publishers, as the May 1910 US Census lists his occupation as Publisher- Newspaper. On February 9, 1918, the building was transferred from the Smiths to Ithamar B Weed, wife of A.D. Weed and partner in the A.D. Weed and Sons. That grocery warehouse operated until the business closed around 1975. I will post Rodger’s history under a separate post; he said the Weed family always referred to the 105 Butternut property as ‘The Brick’.


Our June gift of the building’s history from Rodger was followed by a surprise visit in August from Charlie Weed, whose grandmother was Bessie Weed. Charlie told us stories of being a young child in the house, described how rooms were decorated when he was young, and showed us the high water mark from the great flood of 1937, just under the top step to the second floor. We were delighted to learn more about the early history of The Brick. We continue to make progress on refinishing floors and working on interior updates, the highest priority before winter is to get the windows and doors to seal well and to install a new furnace before it really gets cold.   We’re also preparing for a November 7th 2016 Pomeroy Merchant Association open house day when the completed two front rooms open for sales of teas and other tea accessories before the holidays.


What a difference four months can make

Four months ago, on December 18th, 2015, we purchased the building on the corner of Second and Butternut streets in Pomeroy, Ohio.  It was called several things in it’s lifetime; The deed referred to the A.D. Weed building.  The folks around Pomeroy either called it The Big House or Seyler’s restaurant.  Maureen wasn’t sure about taking on such a huge project, but after checking the numbers again and again we decided it was worth the risk, and the future home of Herbal Sage Tea was born.

In the four months since, we’ve been working hard to get it ready, however without help the project wouldn’t be possible.  Thanks to the careful work of many contractors and good friends from throughout South East and Central Ohio, we’re closing in on getting the offices and blending rooms ready for business.  There have been days of exhaustion and days when the unexpected has slowed us down, as is the case with any big project, however the beauty of the old craftsmanship and the knowledge that we’re doing restoration to the best of our ability, in keeping with the original style whenever possible, lightens ours steps in the journey.

We’re thrilled to be closing in on the first phase of this project, and will continue to post as we move on to  new sections of the building, but at this four month anniversary of this project, it’s a grand time to pause and reflect on how far we’ve come.  Watch for more updates soon!

Restoration Project

As many of you know David and I have purchased a building to restore/renovate for Herbal Sage Tea Company. Located in Historic Pomeroy,Ohio this unique building is only 7.5 miles from Herbal Sage Farms.
It seems as though every business owner and wanna-be business owner in the surrounding counties had looked at it over the years. Each day when we are working folks come by to share their stories of the dream they had for this place. We’ve had 100% support from the community, the main feeling expressed is that folks are happy another historic building will NOT be torn down. David and I both felt it was the good plan to save this grand place. Powers that be, had been checking on prices for demolition. We saved them the demolition fees.
We put a roof on during these last few months and just had electric turned on as of last week. As you will see in some of these photos, someone had started on a design project and torn down some interior walls exposing natural wood flooring. You can also see a wall that has layers of plaster, drywall, paneling then and wallpaper. The large room is south facing and we imagine spending winter months in that area..
There is a room divider,made of oak and swirled glass for privacy that separates what will be our apothecary and entrance.The places has beautiful detail work,as you can see in the simple vintage doorknob.






We will have plenty to do before Herbal Sage Tea arrives in April, til then we’ll keep you posted.
Have any of you ever taken on a project such as this? We’d love to hear how you did it!

Join The Herbal Sage Tea Team


The Herbal Sage Tea company in the Athens area of South East Ohio is seeking an additional part time employee for our team. The position involves inventory control, ordering ingredients from multiple suppliers, blending tea recipes, and packaging. Attention to detail and use of Excel are critical. Familiarity with GMP practices preferred. Applicant must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.The company is preparing to move to a new location in Pomeroy this spring, therefore a successful applicant will have the ability to commute to the new location when open this spring.

Please respond to for further details