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Herbal Sage Tea Company was started in the early 1990’s. Owner Maureen Burns suffered a loss of her vintage clothing business, The Cleveland Shop in 1991 due to a fire. While rebuilding her iconic business she took time to explore her love of health and healing. Maureen’s’ interest in herbs and their uses began to grow, and before she knew it, Maureen was creating blends for friends and family.

When the Cleveland Shop reopened, there was a small area in the back of the vintage store for Herbal Sage. Nestled amongst the 1920’s flapper dresses and vintage double breasted zoot suits a Tea company was born! Soon after Maureen was able to purchase some land in SE Ohio and her hands in the soil truly began. Surrounded by the rolling foothills of Appalachia, Herbal Sage Farm became a reality. Maureen sold The Cleveland Shop to her dear friend Crystal Gray and through that sale was able to build a new beginning for herself and her son.

Fast forward 20 years and The Herbal sage Tea Company is settled into a Historic Building in the Village of Pomeroy, Ohio. With a certified organic blending facility, warehouse and office, Maureen has taken her company to yet another plateau. The Herbal Sage Farm is still down the road a bit, growing all the elderberries for Maureen’s formulas as well as herbs and spices.
Keep an eye on this woman, she’s creating a better future for herself and for others every day!

Maureen draws her inspiration from the Herbal Sage Farm in Southeast, Ohio consisting of 200 acres of land. These acres are beautiful parcels of Earth Mother and have become natural teaching sites for the Herbal Sage Tea Company. There is an incredible assortment of wild herbs and flowers growing in habitats that range from meadows and woods to wetlands. Our wild neighbors include deer, black bear, beavers, fox and a wonderful variety of feathered folk that honor us with their presence. Over the years we’ve worked in helping heal the woodland by working with the US Forest Service by fulfilling programs in eradication of invasive plant species and cutting grape vines to create a sustainable environment for at-risk and endangered plants. It is with a deep respect in our hearts that we invite others to share in the bounty and teachings of this land with us. We, at the Herbal Sage Tea Company strive to bring people closer, to not only their own paths, but to connect them with the plant world so that they may have an opportunity to experience Mother Nature’s Natural Pharmacy.

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